Hot at Home – by Jackie Burgmann – Part 2



Part 2 (see Part 1 here!)

an In-Home Workout Program, created by Jackie Burgmann

Hot at Home by Jackie BurgmannJackie Burgmann is a self-professed “Fitness Junkie” and successful Cougar living in Vancouver, Canada. She used to be a smoker and did a lot of partying in her early 20s. While she was always “thin”, she really wasn’t “in shape” and didn’t work out or eat healthy foods. She went from this lifestyle to a fitness lifestyle and rock-hard six-pack abs, all without setting foot in a gym. And, she did it in the comfort of her own home! If you missed Part 1 of this article – make sure you get it HERE!!

Through extensive experimenting, and lots of trial and error, she figured out a special series of workouts that you can do in a tiny space, while getting super ripped. Because she had such great success at achieving her own fitness goals, Jackie decided to develop the Hot at Home program and share it with the rest of you who hate the gym as much as she does!




Typically, a lot of people are of the mindset that it’s not as effective to work out at home as it is to work out at a gym. As it turns out, this thinking is totally wrong. Jackie found that not only was she able to get fit at home, but she also revealed her six pack abs and added sexy toned muscle to her physique. By experimenting with different exercises and different routines, she was able to narrow down the most effective fat-burning, muscle-building workouts that could easily be done at home. The best part was that these home workouts happened to be even more effective than the workouts she had previously been doing at the gym. Plus, she was able to save considerable time and money by doing her workouts at home. Find out why these workouts are so effective and why it’s best to do them in the comfort of your own home!




Watch this clip to find out more about the way the program works, and how you can break into it at any level, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness enthusiast. See how you will never get bored and find out why you’ll never have to worry about hitting a plateau!





Believe it or not, cardiovascular exercise does not have to be performed at the gym! You can get some great cardio workouts in right at home. In this next clip, Jackie explains why cardio is necessary, how much or how little you should do, and how to go about getting it done outside the gym.





In this section, Jackie reveals the secret behind true and lasting weight loss! You’ll see just how easy it is to get your nutrition cleaned up and start really making progress with your Hot at Home fitness program. Nutrition is a huge part of your success and Jackie explains how to make your diet work for you. She says it’s important to “accept and embrace” the lifestyle, and realize that it will take a little bit of learning and work on your part in the beginning. However, if you truly want to be in shape on a permanent basis, not just temporarily, it’s well worth it!





And, don’t worry, she also tells us how we can still eat some of our favorite foods and continue to lose weight and build muscle! Jackie shares with us exactly how to strategically incorporate cheat meals into your diet. She also explains why cheat meals are even necessary and beneficial to you and your fitness goals in the long run.





Jackie discusses the truth about the foods we eat. She explains why it’s necessary to learn about calories, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. She also how explains how important it is to monitor your progress and how to track your success.





Now that you’re excited about getting Hot at Home, and relieved that you can get fit and burn off body fat without the gym, Jackie explains how you can get started right away. Also, find out how to interact with other people on the program and how to stay in touch. See below for more information about Jackie’s program and site!



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Hot at Home by Jackie Burgmann

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