Diet October 1, 2011

Wow – a brand new month!!! Usually, I like to start the month of properly with a huge workout and really strict day of dieting! Well, not today … I really feel like I need a bit of a break, so I’m taking the whole weekend off from the gym and from counting calories.

Every now and then you need to give yourself some time off mentally and physically. After a long hard summer of being super strict and being 99.9% compliant on my nutrition, it’s time for a little leniency. I’m not counting calories for the next two days, although I won’t be overeating either. I may indulge in my favorite food, pizza, on Sunday during football. However, knowing that, means that I will take it easy the rest of the weekend with what I’m consuming. I’ll pretty much eat the usual things I eat all day long, and if we go out, I’ll opt for something at least sort-of healthy! 😉

That way, I will feel no guilt come Sunday pizza time! And, Monday I’ll return to the gym fully refreshed and ready to go!!

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  1. Skyelar says:

    I definitely recommend the pizza option! It’s something to look forward to all week 🙂

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