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CFTrainingJournals TRANS 700

Cougar Fitness Training Journal

Show your lady-like side and get your brand new Cougar Fitness Training Journal! This spiral-bound Journal is printed on PINK paper! It is for women only and inside it’s pages, it’s all about you and your training needs!

The One-Page-per-Day Training Journal is just what you need to plan and track your workouts and make sure you are progressing with each new training session! Track your weight workout, your cardio and stretching sessions, your mood and motivation, and how well your workout went. There is also space to note how difficult each set was to complete, as well as a Notes section.

The Two-Page-per-Day DELUXE Training Journal includes all of the above and even more great features! On Page 2, you can write out a detailed plan for each set, as well as note how much weight to start with during your next training session. Track Energy Level, Sleep Quality, Fitness Goals, Supplements, Water Intake, Clean Meals, and More!

One Page per Workout: $16.99 + S/H




Deluxe Two Page per Workout: $19.99 + S/H




Cougar Fitness Training Journal

Cougar Fitness One-Page-per-Day Training Journal

Cougar Fitness Deluxe Training Journal

Cougar Fitness Two-Page-per-Day Deluxe Training Journal



Rapid Abs in 7 Simple Steps

Only $7 for this digital ebook!


  • 81 Pages packed with cutting edge tips, tricks, tools and info
  • Find out how many calories you really need
  • Learn how to determine the right mix of macronutrients for your best results
  • Unravel the mystery of weight training for abdominals
  • See the role water plays in fat burning
  • Understand toxins and how to get rid of them
  • Uncover my top secret tactics for bringing out your abs
  • Seize the power of visualization and use it to change your body
  • Use the supplements that work best and will give you the fastest results
  • Tweak your cardio so you burn more fat
  • Relax knowing the plan is laid out for you


Positive Fitness Interviews


$ 47

“The Most Powerful Success Formula Ever Created!”

What do YOU want to achieve in your life? Do you want to get rid of body fat? Do you want to build muscle or get stronger? Do you need more energy to get through your day? Maybe your goals aren’t all physical. Maybe what you’re looking for is a new job, a new car or home, or perhaps someone special in your life. What if you had a system that showed you how to magnify your success and capitalize on it?

Sound impossible?…

It’s not. You, too, can achieve what other successful people have achieved in their lives. Believe it or not, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch. In fact, you can get a head start on everyone around you with this super successful formula. Visit Positive Fitness Interviews to learn more and get two FREE GIFTS just for checking it out!


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