Hi and welcome to my brand new Recipes Section! This section will be expanding over time as I get my favorite easy recipes together. I’ll be starting with my favorite nighttime snack, Cottage Cheese.

Please keep in mind, I am far from domesticated, so these “recipes” are just all really simple things that even a super busy, non-cook can create quickly and easily.

These are the foods I really eat when I want to branch out a little; some I eat on a regular basis, and some I eat almost daily. I find that keeping it simple when it comes to my nutrition is best. There is less room for extra calories, fat, and unknowns when your food is plain, but, hey, let’s live a little and spice things up!

Note: I usually make foods in a manner which adds the LEAST amount of calories, carbs, and fats. You can definitely add things like real bananas to the banana flavoring, or real maple syrup instead of maple flavor, etc.

Also, please take a moment to share some of your favorites that keep you in the Fitness Fast Lane in life!

Thanks For Your Thoughts!
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